Ladies Auxiliary PASSAR

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The birth of the Ladies Auxiliary Pennsylvania Sons of the American Revolution (LAPASSAR) in November 2016 
has been a long labor after several abortive efforts.  However, at the August 2016 quarterly meeting in Pittsburgh, PA, 
the idea was presented to the ladies after verbal support from compatriots and their newly elected Pennsylvania State 
President, Donald Mengle. The ladies were introduced and installed at the November quarterly meeting in Duncansville, PA. 
The present Board for 2016-2018 includes: Janice Showler, President; Stephanie Troutman, First Vice-President; Becky Moyer, 
Second Vice-President; Denise Harry, Secretary; and Sue Morgan, Treasurer. Betty Dechant serves as chaplain, 
and Ann Patten is PSSDAR chair of the DAR/SAR Liaison Committee.

                    Janice   Stephanie   Becky 

                          Janice Showler                      Stephanie Troutman                     Becky Moyer


                   Denise       Sue       Betty

                          Denise Harry                           Sue Morgan                               Betty Dechant


At present, LAPASSAR has twenty-three members, from original membership of eleven.  If interested in joining,
please e-mail Janice Showler for an application that can be completed on-line and returned
electronically. Dues are $5.00 and include membership not only in LAPASSAR but also the National Ladies
Auxiliary Sons of the American Revolution (NLASAR).
  LAPASSAR documents available are shown below.  


Revised 8/3/2017